There is an Ongoing Revolution in Nigeria That is Not Led by Sowore

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There is an Ongoing Revolution in Nigeria That is Not Led by Sowore

Omoleye Sowore was taken back into custody less than 24hrs after being released from detention. This was amidst some level of fracas in the courtroom between himself, his supporters and members of the Department of State Service (DSS).

Sowore’s predicament is as a result of his role in an attempt to launch a protest, or what he referred to as a revolution against the present government of Nigeria. This has earned him some months behind bars and several sessions in and out of the courtroom.

While the many episodes of Sowore continue to unfold, there are many Nigerians who think that his revolution style is archaic and may not achieve the desired change. No doubt, the nation Nigeria is living far below its potential and much of that could be attributed to a protracted era of bad leadership. Many young people’s hopes are already deflated as migrating out of the country now tops the list in their plans.

Many Youths are Giving Up on the System

One of the key issues that reflect the deplorable state of the quality of life of Nigerians is the horrendous rate of unemployment among the youths. This particular factor can be blamed for so many other vices happening within the nation’s geographical space. The major fear is not for the occurrences of the present day, but what happens in years to come if things continue in the present direction.

In Nigeria today, the majority of undergraduates do not look forward to a career in the civil service. The reason for this is as clear as daylight – there isn’t enough space to accommodate the teeming number of graduates being churned out every year. Even the private sector has become very saturated that the competition therein, terrible.

Many youths in Nigeria today have given up hope in relying on the existing system to bail them out. They have decided to chart their own course one way or the other. Although there are cases of young people embarking on illegitimate processes to make wealth, the majority of Nigerian youths are actually grinding it out legitimately. With due respect to the Sowores and other politically inclined figures in the country, these hardworking youths see revolution from a different angle.

Revolution is Now Digital

Instead of hitting the streets with placards and chants of protests, a lot of young people in Nigeria are grinding it out in cyberspace. This is a group of youths who, having gathered traditional certificates, have decided to bend their heads in front of the computer in order to dig out some quality for their own lives.

The internet is a space for everyone, and emerging technologies within cyberspace has provided unlimited opportunities for humankind. These indices provides room for remote employment, freelancing and independent occupation. It also provides room for unending research, which is an area that the so far deprived youths are exploring in order to take over their own destiny.

Majority of the youths who carry out legitimate work on the internet today are self-taught. At best, most of them may have undergone some informal trainings like seminars and conferences. These events serve as a catalyst to what many of them exercise today.

Take for instance the blockchain industry where many Nigerian youths are showing participation today. Even on a global level, only a few schools offer any sort of formal education on the subject. Otherwise, many participants in the industry are living through their education, while making the most of the opportunities therein.

The True Meaning of Revolution

Revolution is about changing the narrative, especially when things are perceived not to be done properly. Most of the time, going against the state in power and might can become counterproductive. This is evident in the case of Sowore, at least for now. Perhaps, he and the many youths that believed in his system expected things to turn out this way, or not. That does not affect the fact that there is a more effective change of narrative going on in the background.

Many Ngerian youths today, no matter their qualifications and level of formal education are causing a revolution in the privacy of their bedrooms or the basement of their apartments. Coders, traders, educators and technicians are busy burning late night candles and charting new courses. This is the group that have accepted the reality of the society that they live in, and understand the extent of what it means to become globalized.

Majority of these youths are not directly controlled by the immediate economic conditions of the nation. Many of them haven’t even walked into a banking hall in years. The closest that they have gone to a bank may be to the ATM machines. These are the people who are really causing a revolution.

The World is Now “Smart”

Laptops, tablets, smartphones and various kinds of electronic gadgets have replaced the placards. Softwares, apps and programs now produce information that cannot be shutdown like the chants of protests. Whether we like it or not, there is an ongoing change in narrative that no individual, group or government can stop at the moment. It is non-violent and does not interfere with the rights and privileges of citizens of the country. 

Unlike the typical political revolution that calls on people to gather to a central physical location to proceed, today’s youths are gathering in the virtual space. They cannot be numbered, and their force cannot be stopped. It is the “smart” revolution whose effect is inevitable and imminent. Those who know can feel the growing awareness, while those who do not know will surely experience its overwhelming effect at the right time.

The smart world is here which involves blockchain, IoT, AI and other related innovations. We are entering into an era where the avoidance of change would simply imply automatic extinction. Nigerian youths are choosing their own reality, and it is the only reality that can bring about a true revolution.

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