Zoe Roth ‘Disaster Girl’ Meme Turned NFT

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) reserves copyright and the right of ownership to intellectual properties.  From handiwork like arts and paintings to words, music, tweets, and others, NFT places relevance on contents irrespective of emotions and situations. Zoe Roth wasn’t an exception. She earned the title “Disaster Girl” for a photo shot by her father of a fire fighting scene in 2005 to capture ‘the moment’ for the future that it eventually did.

It was reported by the New York times that the ‘said’ orphanage lit up wasn’t a disaster in the real sense as it was intentional to clear the property, and firefighters gave children the fighting hose to take turns.

Regardless of the intention of the fire disaster, Zoe’s devilish smile was present in the photograph. According to her, her brother would have featured also but took some steps off that moment.

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It turned out to be this ‘household photo’ that brought Zoe to the limelight on the internet after some efforts and that of her friends to get it “minted” into NFT so the world could see. This meme NFT was on auction amongst others on the Foundation marketplace, and bids came in from as low as 4 Ether to 5.5 Ether and on, till @3Fmusic got it for 180 Ether which is worth over USD 500,000.

Zoe, who was 4-years old then now 21 years old, is presently a student of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hilll. She shared her plans to cover her tuition/school loans and donate to the charity of the money gained. The NFT has a code that reserves the copyright for her family and 10% gains from anticipated sales in the future.

Zoe said she feels excited and, this NFT gives her a right to the image and control of that event. She also added in her speech in the New York Times that she’s super grateful for the entire experience. Just a little gesture fetched her a fortune as she’s the talk of the net described as “Disaster Girl with a smirk.

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