Non-Fungible Tokens coming into the Watch World


The current immutable digital asset hype is moving into wristwatches. The first Non-fungible token watch certified by blockchain technology tends to launch at the end of the previous month, but the public sale of the asset has been postponed due to it not being promoted.

Nevertheless, Other Non-Fungible Token awards available on platforms for auctioning indicate investors are also focusing on Non-Fungible Tokens. They are creating innovative ways of possessing watches as digital assets.

The main Non-Fungible token watch to go on sale was the piece supplied by Jean-Claude Biver, the trade expert who came up from retirement to have an opportunity of making history.

Mr. Biver’s Non-Fungible Token was a digital photograph called the Digital Twin which he took from the sample of Hublot Greater Bang All Black Tourbillon Chronograph in his collection.

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In the last week of March, Biver began to auction his piece on the popular platform OpenSea. With the help of a Cybersecurity firm founder, Carlos Moreira. Some days later, only three bids were significant. These three were 1 Ether approximately $2,077 as of April 5, 1.05 ethereum summing up to $2,180 and, 25 ether amounting to $51,961. None of these bids met the undisclosed reserve cost and that made the public sale postponed to April 30.

The Jacob & Firm immutable digital asset was a 3D animation created by the model and captivated by its Epic SF24 expedition watch. The addition of the options of a tourbillon and a system showing some cryptocurrency names makes it a custom-built digital creation.

In the third month of 2021, Non-Fungible token trades exceed Five hundred million USD, over $200M in march alone. More traders look into the NFT sector to create wealth and watch auctioneers are getting the attention.

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