Ledger Adds Apple Music Exec as VP of NFTs

Ledger, a hardware wallet provider, has employed Parker Brooks to take charge of its Non-Fungible Token division.  Brooks has been working with Apple music artist relations since 2014 before joining Ledger. He managed topspin media integration on beats music and Spotify. He won’t be the first music administrator to move into the cryptocurrency industry.

A hardware wallet is an offline wallet with a transportable key used for accessing your crypto token safely from anywhere. You can be logged in by hardware wallet to several decentralized applications without creating new accounts. It is the most secure way of storing crypto.

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Ledger is most known for hardware wallets which is another way of holding crypto offline. The organization provides software for companies that wish to boost their digital asset security. There are hints that Ledger is increasing its non-fungible token offerings. However, the plans are not clear yet.

The incumbent Ledger NFT Vice President is looking to connect the non-fungible token communities and the artist. Also, to advance non-fungible token management projects. Parker will concentrate on linking Ledger with the artist and NFT society.

And with NFT, there are chances of reimagining the creativity, sampling, and management of art and music and at the same time looking into security problems in storing immutable tokens with online devices.

There are notions that Non-Fungible Tokens have the probability of becoming an advanced market, reforming old-fashioned royal models, and revealing new, creative opportunities in business. Some opinions are against it, feeling it’s not a proper way to make money. Reasons are best known to them.

Related roles have been coming up in the cryptocurrency industry. These positions serve as a connection between the music industry and the growing market for crypto arts and are blockchain immutable assets.

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