Chadwick Boseman Oscar NFT Artwork Leads To Backlash After Anthony Hopkins Announcement As The  Best Actor  

The late actor Chadwick Boseman has been venerated with a Non-Fungible token artwork and is to be part of the Oscar Nominee gift bag at the event. Also, the NFT will be on auction for fundraising to the Colon Cancer Foundation.

Chadwick Boseman left the world in August at age 43, diagnosed with Cancer in 2016 that later led to his death in 2020. The NFT will be placed on auction by the popular NFT marketplace Rarible, and 50% of the profits will serve as a donation to the Foundation.

The 25th of April 2021 night ceremony arrangement had perhaps raised many viewer’s anticipation that Aaron, who was part of the In Memoriam segment, would emerge as the Best actor. The Organizers choice to save the Best actor category for the end of the ceremony is unusual and quite alarming.

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The announcement of Anthony Hopkin’s name as the best actor created a lot of rage on social media as many consider it to be manipulation by the organizers. Although, the Organizers might not know who will emerge as the winner before the announcement of the result.

Some of the Criticisms include a Twitter user with the username @BlackIceSheep. Saying, they used Boseman to trick people for the benefit of the Oscars, snubbed him, and then use his likeness without consent to sell multimillion Nft with only 50% going to charity

Also, @ThatBmanGuy said it is not about Boseman Losing, but about the Oscars using his death for a rating boost, giving away virtual trading cards of him, inviting his family to the event, and ending the show abruptly, knowing they finessed everyone. 

From @bpanthernews, Chadwick Boseman was an icon, delivering so many incredible performances throughout his career. The Oscars have proven once again that they have no idea what they are doing.  

After Chadwick Aaron Boseman, who was up for the best actor, lost to Anthony Hopkins, the NFT felt like a mockery, both to the late actor, his family, and his fans.

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