Yield App Executives & Lucky Uwakwe, CEO Sabi Exchange to Discuss the State of DeFi

Decentralized Finance has been unprecedentedly shaping the future of finance as we see it. Multiple innovative products are being developed to transform the financial landscape, giving individuals the power over their finances. 

Many would argue that the concept of DeFi emerged with Bitcoin in 2009, being that BTC was the first-ever peer-to-peer digital money and the first financial application that was built on blockchain technology.

But the turning point for financial applications allowing users to do more with their money than just send it from point A to point B happened in Q4 of 2017, during the ICO Era. 

As a growing ecosystem of working protocols and applications, which are delivering value to thousands of users, and transacting the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars in digital assets every day, DeFi is far from just a buzzword. 

DeFi has come to stay and define the future. In charting the course for the morrow, Coinstituency in collaboration with CryptoTvplus is launching the State of DeFi program to be aired on CryptoTvplus social media. 

By 10am WAT tomorrow, we’ll be speaking with these top players and crypto experts – Justin Wright (Yield App COO/CFO), Tim Frost (Yield App CEO) & Lucky Uwakwe (CEO, Sabi Exchange) discuss “The State of DeFi”.

About Yield App

“YIELD App was born from a vision to provide users with a high-return deposit account coupled with safe custody of their assets. This is delivered through a simple platform that mirrors traditional investment funds.” The YIELD App project has a token. YLD, it’s currently tradable across top centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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