Bitcoin Becomes 6th Most Valuable Asset in the World with One Trillion USD Market Cap

Bitcoin is currently the  sixth most valuable  asset universally, directly below Alphabet Inc. It broke another substantial milestone of the One trillion USD market cap.

By this list, Bitcoin is ahead of China’s largest corporation, Apple holds the 1st position with a market cap of $2,180,270,027,520, followed by Saudi Aramco ($1.85 trillion), Microsoft ($1.81 trillion), Amazon ($1.63 trillion), Google parent company Alphabet ($1.41 trillion), and bitcoin ($1.04 trillion).

It is now a rampant topic on social media. In recent times, bitcoin as a keyword has increased by  thirty-eight percent since 18th of February, with over 2,000 tweets sent out in the past 48 hours.

It’s one of the significant lists in the financial market. Recently, there have been a lot of fluctuations in the market. The value of bitcoin keeps increasing as the day goes by.

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The advantage of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry makes participation in cryptocurrency easy. Buying units of this particular cryptocurrency 3 years back would have yielded over a hundred percent profit. It doesn’t have anything to do with trading, as you might have little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency.

It reduces the stress of buying and selling, holding bitcoin and dollar-cost averaging it, minimizes the pressure of constant buys and sells during high volatility periods.

Bitcoin price has increased by over 80% since the beginning of the year. They are affected by the recent interests from top leading companies such as TeslaMasterCard, and other relevant news.

Bitcoin being the 6th most valuable asset and the king of all cryptocurrencies, some other altcoins have been following the bitcoin move while others have been fluctuating. It added a market value of close to half a trillion in 2021, having a higher return on instruments like gold and stocks.

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