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HaggleX believes that cryptocurrency is the future and blockchain is one of the leading technologies that will leap the financial world into a new era of digital cryptographic payments with quick and easy response. As a result, HaggleX team is working towards raising awareness and growing the HaggleX brand through blockchain education at the grass-root level. This will be done through its Ambassador program.

Over time HaggleX will be hosting meetups, webinars and seminars across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. In order to disseminate cryptocurrency and blockchain Education far and wide in collaboration with different people and groups, we wish to accomplish these through our ambassador program.

HaggleX Ambassador Program

A HaggleX Ambassador is an individual that is passionate (or willing to learn) about cryptocurrency and desires to educate people about blockchain and cryptocurrency through HaggleX platform.

With the power of passion-driven ambassadors, we tend to conquer the world. Our ambassadors will be provided with materials and logistics needed to organize and host successful events.

However Ambassadors will improve on themselves, so others can benefit from their knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Do you think you can add value to HaggleX and the cryptocurrency space as a whole by educating people through any medium? Send your resume to

You can stay up to date on what is going on with the ICO, token distribution and general details about the token allocation via any of our social media channels:






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