Beepmagnet’s BMToken (BMT) Gets Listed On CoinmarketCap As Platform Unveils Plan For 2021

Beepmagnet International, a blockchain-driven solution that is designed to scale the e-commerce industry has been listed on CoinmarketCap. By listing its native token, BMToken (BMT), the project has once again fulfilled another milestone in its developmental timeline.

Beepmagnet International was founded in 2014, however, the BMToken was not launched until March 23, 2020. The team behind this project, which comprises enthusiastic experts with combined experience of over 25 years, believe that the next economic wave for Africa is in the e-commerce industry, enabled by blockchain-driven solutions.

Leading The Way In E-Commerce Innovation

In this industry, the BeepMagnet Group, armed with its innovative solutions is positioned as a leader as far as Africa is concerned.  By the implementation of the platform’s Proof of Concept, based on her utility Token across all subsidiaries, adoption of blockchain is being driven through consumer loyalty solutions. Armed with tools of e-commerce and blockchain technology, BeepMagnet international Group is already solving the challenges of Traditional Loyalty reward (Non-Blockchain based) around the virtual economy.

Beepmagnet Token (BMToken)  is an ERC20 Token running on Ethereum network which represents a utility token of the Beepmagnet International Group. BMToken serves as a consumer loyalty reward token which is earned as you spend across merchants of Beepmagnet Group. The Beepmagnet Ecosystem supports BMT as its consumer loyalty reward token which has a maximum supply of 30million tokens.

The BMToken functions as the primary loyalty reward token of  Beepmagnet Multi- integrated e-commerce portal known as Global Empowerment Initiative (GEI). Consumers can earn the BMToken through a series of channels that are available in the Beepmagnet Group ecosystem. They include the following:

  • Earn BMToken on BeepAgro Products ( Beepagro Soup Mix and Drinks)  on GEI Portal.
  • Earn BMToken on BeepMagnet Sanitary product ( Sisibox) on the GEI portal.
  • Earn BMToken on Beepmagnet Real estate product ( Beep Estates) on the GEI portal.
  • Earn BMToken  on Beepmagnet Recruitment Agency (HarnessMLM).

Users can also exchange their BMToken for actual value within the Beepmagnet Group ecosystem by: 

  • Spending BMToken on Beepmagnet mobile game Application (Mobgames International)
  • Spend BMToken on Beepmagnet Laundromat.

What To Expect In The Coming Year

Beepmagnet Group’s vision is to revolutionize consumer Loyalty rewards globally using efficient and available technologies. Apart from the above listed avenues, customers can also spend earned BMT across merchants within the ecosystem. BMT allows merchants to reward their customers with a digital value exchange on the Ethereum network. 

When You think of a consumer Loyalty Token that is supported with 11 use cases, BMToken is designed to fill this Gap

As part of the milestones of the Beepmagnet Group, more use cases are set to be activated in the coming year. They include:

  • Sisibox anion sanitary pad trading (Switch to sisibox and get paid in cash and Cryptocurrency). This is powered by Beep healthcare.
  • BeepCity Leverage program (Own a home in 12 Months) powered by BeepEstate
  • GEI virtual eshop trading (Earn rent-trade income every 10 – 30 days)
  • BeepAgro drink and soup mix (Eat and get paid, Drink and get paid) powered by BeepAgro Africa.

According to the Chairman and CEO of Beepmagnet International Group, Amb. Dr Gilead Okolonkwo, another innovation that BeepMagnet International Group will Launch in 2021 is a native recruitment agency, that will provide recruitment service for Multi level market companies and affiliate marketing companies. He notes that the MLM industry has paid out over 600B dollars. In Africa, many have resorted to MLM for survival amidst the current economic hardship. He explains that in 2021, Harness MLM will open her doors to those who seek to tap into the MLM and Affiliate marketing space but don’t have recruitment skills, using the Integration of BMToken in HarnessMLM business model.

“100,000 Pan Africa Unemployed Youths will be employed by HarnessMLM. Https://, says Okonkwo. “For the first time, these targeted 100,000 employed youths will be trained on business development and marketing. They will enjoy a career pool reward in BMToken as job security rewards for dedication and commitment”.

HarnessMLM will be the first Pan African company to reward its employees in BMToken and Cash. 2021 will be an exciting year as BMToken goes mainstream as a utility Token to empower its holders.

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