Paxful Launches 4 Million Naira Giveaway For Cryptocurrency Traders in Nigeria

Leading peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, Paxful, has launched one of the biggest ever giveaway campaigns among Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria. The recently launched giveaway exercise will see traders from different categories win Bitcoin prizes up to 4 Million Naira.

Paxful as an organization is renowned for always giving back to the community. The litany of giveaways and charity exercises that the organization has engaged in dates back to its early days in Africa, Nigeria especially. Schools, portable water and other infrastructure are some of the ways that Paxful has been involved in giving back to communities. This time, the attention has turned inwards and traders on Paxful now stand the chance of winning significant gifts for doing what they would have done ordinarily.

Paxful Is Helping Users To Preserve Their Wealth

The Paxful 4 Million Naira Giveaway is an exercise that heralds the introduction of a novel community-inclined product. This is a product that will help Paxful users to safely navigate dwindling post-pandemic economic terrain, particularly in Nigeria. This is reflected by the recent devaluation of the Naira and further restrictions in accessibility of foreign currency as announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

In most cases, when such devaluation occurs, locals seek refuge in more stable currencies like the US Dollar to preserve their wealth. Unfortunately for many Nigerians, even this approach is becoming impossible as a result of the recently modified regulation by the CBN which restricts international spending to the value of $100 USD per month. Yet, there is an air of uncertainty, as no one knows what other regulation that they will wake up to the next morning.

Paxful Is a Part of the Society

Having become a part and parcel of the economic fabric of the Nigerian cryptocurrency community, Paxful is aware of the developments mentioned above, and is providing a suitable alternative for users. This is another fulfillment of the original value proposition of cryptocurrencies. They are designed to help users manage their wealth from a universal perspective, escaping the restrictions posed by local regulators. 

Apart from being provided a safe haven for the preservation of their wealth, Paxful has also opened a window of opportunity for a large number of traders to win cash prizes. Starting from Friday August 21 until Monday August 31 11:59PM, every single day winners will be announced in the following categories:

  1. 3 top traders who complete the most number of trades ( 30,000 NGN in BTC x 3 winners)
  2. 3 top traders who complete trades of the highest volume (30,000 NGN in BTC x 3 winners)
  3. 3 traders who made the most number of trades in Nigerian Naira (30,000 NGN in BTC x 3 winners)

What about being paid to verify your ID on the trading platform? Well, Paxful appears to have every group covered in this 4 Million Naira Giveaway. 

     4. 200 new traders who verify their IDs and make 1 trade will receive 5,000 NGN each


     5. 1 lucky trader will be randomly selected to receive 30,000 NGN during the campaign.

Three Things to Keep in Mind During This Exercise

  • Terms of Service on the Paxful trading platform must be followed. Failure to do so will result in outright disqualification.
  • The chart will be updated regularly to keep track of who is leading the competition. It will do you well to keep a close watch while participating.
  • If you’ve won in one category, you cannot win in another except for the most trades in NGN.

Perhaps you are yet to sign up for a Paxful account, this is the best opportunity for you to do so and stand a chance of winning a cash prize. Sign up for an account now by using this link:

In order not to miss out on any update, which includes winner announcements and other upcoming events, you can join the Paxful Nigerian Telegram community by using this link:

To make the most of this opportunity, here is a recap:

233 participants who registered and met the criteria in the given period will win the prize accordingly in their Paxful wallets. You can find more updates on this giveaway on Telegram. Remember, you need to have an ID-verified Paxful account to collect your BTC. If you’re found to be violating Paxful Terms and Services in any way, you will be excluded from the campaign unfortunately.


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