Beepmagnet Token ( BMT) Collaborates With Coin Apps And Gets Listed on Flash wallet

E-commerce-purposed blockchain project Beepmagnet has announced a new partnership as part of its commitment to support decentralization and transparency. The project entered into a strategic collaboration with “Coin Apps”. In addition, its native token, BMToken is also now listed on Flash Wallet.

This development has opened up integration between the BMT community and the Flashcoin ecosystem, therefore exposing users to greater opportunities that will enable them to derive more benefits from their digital assets.

As a Beepmagnet user, you can now store your BMT tokens on a Flash wallet and also use them for transactions within the Flascoin ecosystem. This sanctifies the efficacy BMT as a utility token that enables decentralised transactions in e-commerce.

With this development, e-commerce merchants can now take advantage of the Flash wallet merchant API to Accept BMT in their stores. With a Flashcoin wallet You can receive, send, and store BMT. 

How to get a BMT wallet address on Flash wallet

You can download the Flashcoin app for Android on google play store by simply searching “Flashcoin on android”. 

To download the wallet on iOS, simply go to the apple store and search for “coinapps flash wallet”. 

Visit for more information on the BMT listing on Flash wallet. You can also trade and stake BMT on,  store and receive BMT in your flash wallet.

There is an ongoing 0.25 BMT Giveaway to the first 1000 BMT community members who  download the Flashcoin wallet. 

Join BMCT Telegram/Facebook rooms  @BMCToken to get your GIFT.


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