Blast From the Past – GameCredits Revival in Full Swing as it Merges With the NovaToken Platform

Every once in a while a newsworthy story comes to light that has both a feel-good aspect to it that is relevant in today’s fast paced World of cryptocurrency. The revival of GameCredits is just that type of story.

Launched in February of 2014, GameCredits is one of the very first cryptocurrencies in existence and the very first cryptocurrency for the gaming sector. With a focus on Esports, it set out to capture the hearts and minds of gamers who were looking for a decentralized solution to the centralized gaming sector. 

The network enjoyed varying levels of success over the years but was never able to produce a platform of services nor the technology stack to support them. Eventually, the team fell apart and the network was left for dead with no future plans in place.

Like GameCredits, Like NovaToken

Meanwhile, in another area of the blockchain gaming sector, another network was going through a similar situation. NovaToken is a gaming platform built on Ethereum that focuses on Esports and NFT (non-fungible tokens) services to enhance the overall gaming experience. 

Offering an Esports tournament organizer, an NFT minting tool to create in-game items, a decentralized marketplace for buying / selling of in-game items and a never-before-seen rewards system for gamers to stake their NVT and earn in-game items, the platform had a lot to offer. 

With the bear market of 2018 taking its toll on numerous crypto projects in the space, NovaToken began the process of shutting down operations. The funding needed to finish the platform was drying up and commercial interest in blockchain hit and all time low. However, opportunity exists in every corner of our universe if one knows where to find it.

The Ultimate Revival and A Perfect Union

Enter Jason Cassidy – with seven years of experience in the blockchain space, he, along with a number of dedicated and talented community members were able to come in and revive the network. With hard work, dedication and an infusion of cash from the new owner, the team found itself on the precipice of achieving the initial goal of releasing the NovaToken platform.

Fast forward to the Winter of 2019, the GameCredits network was still in limbo and looking for new leadership and direction. Once again, Jason Cassidy stepped in and with the help of the tremendous team at NovaToken and the vibrant community within GameCredits, was able to bring together a powerful union.

The GameCredits network will be merging with the NovaToken platform, pairing up one of the most iconic brands in cryptocurrency with one of the best kept secrets in the gaming sector in NovaToken. This means GameCredits will be acquiring a newly built Esports platform, an entirely new team of talented individuals from the crypto and gaming space along with many top advisors, exchange listings and partnerships. 

When Two Entities Compliment Each Other

Each network has what the other lacks, making the synergy in this partnership truly harmonious. GameCredits will be officially making its move over to the Ethereum network this summer to complete the merge and take back its place beside some of the original and most recognizable networks in cryptocurrency history. 

More importantly, GameCredits now has a full technology stack, Esports platform, team, vision and path forward to become the defacto resource for not just competitive online gaming but the revolution of NFT’s via true in-game item ownership. The future looks incredibly bright for GameCredits and perhaps this historic merger will be looked upon in the future as a turning point for the entire gaming sector within cryptocurrency.

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