BeepMagnet Group Announces BMCT Swap to BMT on BITFXT Exchange

In order to achieve a truly decentralized economy and drive for the global adoption of BMT,  BeepMagnet Group has alerted all holders of BMCT coin about the SWAP process and Purpose in its ecosystem. 

First of all, here is a brief description of some key elements in the vibrant ecosystem of BeepMagnet.

BMCT Coin: This represents the Loyalty coin which You can Earn as you spend across BeepMagnet merchants and partners that use the platform’s loyalty solution. BMCT masternode equity holders will still enjoy a 100 years smart contract that rewards them in BMCT coin weekly or can receive it as a GIft from  Holders on a peer to peer basis. 

BMToken ( BMT ): This is the  Tradable Token of BeepMagnet Ecosystem, not only is BMT Tradable, it is also stake-able on the exchange. BeepMagnet group in partnership with BITFXT  enables the staking of BMToken on BITFXT  exchange.  BMT year 1 staking reward is 24% which is Live on BITFXT exchange. 

The valuation of the BMCT coin will be based on the Value of BMT in the market.   

Benefits of Staking BMToken 

-Daily reward in BMT. 

-Daily tradeable BMT  Tokens on the exchange.

-Fast withdrawal of traded BMToken to your local bank account.

BMCT coin will be delisted from all exchanges as the BMCT coin is not tradeable.  All masternode Equity holders who wish to trade BMCT coin received should SWAP the coin for BMToken on BitFXT and then Trade BMT.  BMCT swap is 1: 1

This opens another opportunity for BMCT holders to spend more with merchants that offer BMCT as loyalty to be able to SWAP BMCT coin to BMT and enjoy BMT staking reward which is profitable on a daily basis. 

BMCT to BMT swap will be live on BITFXT effective from June 01, 2020.  However, a pre-launch staking of BMTon BITFXT exchange will begin, effective from May 01, 2020.  

“This new coin and token Distribution process supports our vision of a decentralized digital economy with a focus on advancing consumer loyalty using blockchain technology. BeepMagnet Group remains committed to power this solution as we lead the way in Africa for 10million Africa Youth digital Transitions with a focus on BMCT blockchain and its use case and token Economies.” Says Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo, CEO and Chairman BeepMagnet Group 

Towards a Digital Continent

The goal of BeepMagnet is to achieve a digitally compliant continent by working towards the achievement of the following:

-Basic understanding of blockchain technology 

-Own a blockchain/cryptocurrency wallet.

-Open an Exchange account 

-How to own at least 2 digital assets.

-How to trade digital assets.

-How to stake digital Assets ( BMT)

-Why own a MasterNode Equity share ( BMCT) 

-Join the GEI community for Mentorship and Further Training.

For more information about BeepMagnet Blockchain project visit:

Follow on twitter: @BeepMagnet  @bmctoken


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