BeepMagnet International Group Breaks New Ground In The Blockchain Space

Blockchain as a technology is practical. As a matter of fact, the existence of a viable use case is what has separated the thriving projects from those that are running out of steam and going extinct. Among the blockchain projects that are exhibiting significant levels of implementation today, especially in the African region is the BeepMagnet Group. This has been possible because of the specific use case that this group provides.

BeepMagnet group is led by Amb. Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo in the capacity of the Chairman & CEO of the company. The project use case of this organization is streamlined to focus on solving real life problems by “ Revolutionizing Consumer Loyalty”. 

The BeepMagnet project is committed to redesigning how consumers are rewarded for their loyalty. This is being achieved through the introduction of blockchain technology. The technology helps to evolve traditional consumer loyalty and rewards solutions, making it more effective while generating more value for participants. 

The time already committed towards building this project spans over 4 years. During this period, the team has worked relentlessly towards making it possible for merchants in Africa to be able to reward their loyal customers using blockchain technology. Hence the development of a robust private blockchain. 

The BeepMagnet private blockchain is powered by a native BMCToken. This blockchain  supports the BMCT coin, a utility coin that can be used by merchant stores to reward their loyal customers.  In terms of use case, this is an important development for merchants, consumers and the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Another achievement within this same period is the creation of an Ethereum-based token by the platform, the BMToken. The primary essence of this creation is to scale up the same loyalty ecosystem for merchants and consumers. This is a bull’s eye development that provides utility especially for the blockchain and e-commerce industry across Africa. 

Introducing the BeepMagnet Token  (BMToken)

What is BMToken?

BeepMagnet Token ( BMToken) is a utility token created by the BeepMagnet Group that supports BMCT coin. BMToken represents a true digital Token on Ethereum Blockchain designed to be adopted through a decentralized medium based on the spending power of a consumer across merchants. When You think of a consumer Loyalty Token that supports 11 different use cases, BMToken fills this gap. 

BMToken is designed to support BMCT coin SWAP for speed and Decentralization on a 1:1 ratio. This means that BMCT coin holders can SWAP their BMCT coins to BMToken at any time. In essence, the BeepMagnet group has created a hybrid ecosystem that supports Ethereum blockchain ( BMToken) and BMCT Blockchain ( BMCT Coins ).

BeepMagnet group is combining Ethereum blockchain using BMToken with a Ticker (BMT) and BMCT Blockchain with another Ticker ( BMCT) to revolutionize consumer loyalty.

At this point, it is totally in order to say that the BeepMagnet Group is combining 2 major blockchain innovations in order to prove that “Blockchain technology is the future and that Blockchain Technology can be Trusted”. 

Therefore, the BeepMagnet Group official coin and token are as follows;

BMCT coin ( Blockchain merchant consumer token) 

BMToken ( BeepMagnet Token)

The platform’s Coin and token Tickers are represented as; 

Blockchain merchant consumer token ( BMCT)

BeepMagnet Token ( BMT)

BMCT runs on the BMCToken Blockchain, while BMToken runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Future of BMCT Coins ( BMCT) And BMToken (BMT)

The future of consumer loyalty and  reward with the combination of these two blockchain means: 

  1. Trust 
  2. transparency
  3. speed 
  4. decentralization. 

BMCT blockchain is a Hybrid Blockchain that has combined 3 different algorithms which include POW, POS, and Masternodes that supports BMCT coins. BMCT Masternode has a smart contract of 100 years that determines the coin supply which consumers can earn from merchants that activates the platform’s loyalty solution.

BeepMagnet token (BMToken ) will support BMCT coin as a SWAP token for BMCT and also a token that merchants can accept in their businesses. BeepMagnet Group is committed to delivering 11 use-cases that will drive the adoption of BMCT and BMT. This means that the 11 use-cases that BeepMagnet is developing will be built around BMCT  and BMT. With BMT various groups and individuals can easily activate a global exposure for their projects. This will automatically open-up such projects to third party Smart Contract integration such as: 

  1. Easy listing on exchanges.
  2. Decentralization 
  3. Merchant API integration. 

It is clear that “BMCT and BMT Holds the foundation for the world’s blockchain consumer Loyalty Rewards”

BMCT  and BMT USE Cases

Here are some of the existing use cases for the BMCT and BMT coins today:

  1. SisiBox
  2. QtradeAi
  3. Global Empowerment Initiative ( GEI)
  4. BMCToken GiFT Card
  5. Laundry Mart
  6. MobDoctor 
  7. SiSipower
  8. Zardicon 
  9. BMCToken Mastercard. 

The BeepMagnet Group is confident about the dynamics of these use-cases to support Global adoption of BMCT coins and BMToken in the marketplace. The platform is a leading “Pioneer Firm” that deploys Blockchain technology in solving traditional challenges associated with traditional loyalty reward. 

BeepMagnet Future Objective 

  1. The goal of BeepMagnet is to introduce a paradigm shift in the loyalty and rewards ecosystem. It is a revolution that will replace today’s “Gift Cards” and “Loyalty Points” with a blockchain-based solution. This will eliminate all the existing limitations, especially in the area of speed and convenience for consumers when redeeming their points. 
  2. In the future, consumers worldwide would rather demand for BMCT Coin, or BMToken as a reward option rather than the cumbersome existing products. 
  3. The plan is to come to a time when consumers can redeem BMCT Coin & BMToken globally across all merchants connected on the Blockchain Network. 
  4. BMCT Coin and BMToken received from merchants are versatile and can be redeemed across exchanges without restriction. They do not expire and can be passed across generations. Imagine accumulating such tokens and storing them up from years of shopping which you can pass as a GIFT to your children.

The BeepMagnet Group is providing a Global solution to shop or spend only with merchant stores that offer BMCT coins or BMToken which is redeemable in the store or you can trade the Coin or Token on Exchanges where BMCT and BMT are listed. This can also serve as secure savings for the future provided that the holder protects the  “PRIVATE KEY“ & “PASSPHRASE” of BMToken and BMCT coins respectively. 

The mantra of the BeepMagnet Group is simply “Matching Technology with Innovation”. 

Visit the BeepMagnet Group website and follow us across its social media handles.

@BMCToken & @BeepMagnet.


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