CDIN and Bloceducare Launch the Second Phase of 500 Nigeria Developers for Ethereum

Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN), in partnership with Bloceducare has launched the initial phase of the 500 Nigeria Devs for Ethereum project. This is a part that is inline with the goal of Ethereum to raise 1 million developers on its platform.

Before now, CDIN had successfully carried out a pilot project of this event. The pilot phase gave birth to new developers that have become part of the Ethereum community. These new developers are expected to release their new codes in the coming days.

Ethereum’s Role in the Industry

Ethereum as of today is the second largest blockchain project in the industry. It is unique for its characteristic of allowing developers to build decentralized applications, dApps without needing to go through the rigours of building a whole blockchain from scratch.

The role that Ethereum has played so far in the increased level of adoption of blockchain technology cannot be over-emphasized. A lot of blockchain tokens that exist today were built on the Ethereum platform. The ERC20 tokens that dominated the ICO era are all projects that were built on the Ethereum blockchain. This characteristic of allowing dApps to be built on top of the platform has earned Ethereum the nickname “Blockchain of blockchains”.

Creating Opportunities in the Blockchain Industry

As the network continues to expand, platforms like CDIN and Bloceducare are playing significant roles in the process. This time around, the structure of the event is such that developers using various programming languages will be given the opportunity to learn solidity. This will enable them to interact effectively with the wider Ethereum community across the globe.

At a time where the need for newer knowledge is at its highest level, especially within the Nigeria tech space, this event is stepping in as a well-timed solution. With focus on the younger generation, this event represents an enormous value in terms of manpower development. Participants will certainly become more empowered and exposed to a wider scope in terms of opportunities.

Other organizations that are partnering to execute this project include Crevatal, a branding company that focuses on the delivery of an excellent user experience, as far as projects are concerned. Also involved is Precise Financial Systems LTD, an indigenous software company that has provided innovative and world-class solutions over the past 25 years across 27 African companies.

Registration for this event is open from Monday, 3rd February 2020 until Friday, 6th March 2020. Anyone who is interested to participate in this event can register with the following link:

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