Former CoinCola Regional Manager Takes New Role at KuBitX Cryptocurrency Exchange

Former CoinCola regional manager, Joseph Samuel has joined Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange KuBitX in the capacity of Head of User Growth and Education. According to KuBitX, Samuel’s new role will see him lead the awareness program of the company in order to communicate the core values and various products that KuBitX is bringing to the industry.

A Renowned Blockchain Advocate

Samuel has been involved at various levels of blockchain advocacy which includes education, promotion and marketing of a number of top brands in the past. Some of the projects that benefited from Samuel’s wealth of experience include, and With focus around the African region, Samuel’s experience suits perfectly the goals of KuBitX, being a platform that seeks to serve the particular needs of Africans in the areas of financial solutions and remittances.

“I am excited to join the KuBitX team considering how far they have come and what has already been put in place, says Samuel. “The new KBX wallet in particular is undoubtedly a guaranteed game changer in the blockchain ecosystem. Having been in this space for so long, I am certain that  KuBitX means real mass adoption of Blockchain based solutions across the continent of Africa and beyond.”

 According to Samuel, his role as Head of User Growth of a product that makes meaning to even non-crypto users is indeed a huge task. However, it is one that he is ready and willing to undertake. He notes that it is incredibly overwhelming to see Africans trying to build projects with limited funds. “We are ready to change the narrative and be ahead of the curve, he says. “I love to share good products with young people, especially those who want to explore a better way of building new streams of income.” 

The KBX wallet is well suited for the young African generation, especially the gaming community who buy gift cards like iTunes and Amazon for access to gaming solutions. Samuel’s goal is that in the next 12-18 months KuBitX will make an exponential entry into the marketplace.

The Next Step for KuBitX

Co-Founder and CEO of KubitX, Eric Annan values the new recruitment as a huge step in the right direction. Annan, is also popular for his strong advocacy towards changing the narrative with the young Africans. He considers user growth and awareness as a crucial aspect at the stage of the company’s development. Hence his excitement about the recent development.  

“We believe in the vast expertise and insight of Samuel in relation with the future we are creating. This is a future that involves moving financial services and cross border payments from analogue and digital finance to decentralized finance to serve the underbanked and unbanked. The long term vision of KuBitX revolves around positioning itself to attract smart Africans to join the movement. This would create an inclusive environment where their talents will be respected and adequately appreciated.”

The Brand and Creative Lead of KuBitX, Larry Ashidummeh emphasizes that KuBitX is  ready to roll out it’s flagship cross border payment using stablecoins NGNX, GHSX and KHSX. This will involve the buying of over 160 gift vouchers (Amazon, Xbox,Itune, Arsenal, Tesco) using digital assets and local fiat at most competitive prices.

“We ended our first ever corporate retreat over the weekend to map up a single purpose vehicle to market, he says. “Chriss Cobert, formerly of Harvard Innovation Labs joined us on winning anything innovation with people ready to change their behavior. At KuBitX we are here to enable you optimize everything around your life as far your daily transactions are concerned.”


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