Farmchain Enables Farm to Table Traceability for Moringa Brands Using Blockchain Technology

Farmchain, a leading Nigerian Agri Blockchain startup has on-boarded moringa brands in Nigeria for moringa products farm to table traceability. The brands includes Master Tea, Vidsamor moringa, Aye farms CYWEventures and Smartfun farms. 

What this implies is that by using blockchain technology, consumers of moringa products can easily ascertain the source of whatever end product that they will be consuming.  Such a development comes as a relief in so many ways. 

Consumers Can Now Be Sure of Products

Some of the relief angles include the fact that the safety procedure during production can be evaluated transparently. On top of that, consumers can be sure that what they have on their tables are not contraband substances, but rather products that must have undergone the standard processes involved in production.

The above mentioned are leading brands in the moringa value chain with  processing of organic moringa leaf and seed into powder and oil, and packaging same with their brands for local and international market.

More Money for Participating Brands

These brands, and others that may be included in the future also stand to benefit hugely from this implementation of blockchain. It is indeed a process that will help check the influx of fake products into the markets. This will ensure that they can maximize the full essence of the consumer market that is available to them, maximizing profit in the process.

The need for food traceability from farm to table is gaining global attention due to rising concern about food safety. Farmchain is in the forefront of making processed food commodities in Nigeria and Africa to be traceable from farm to table using the Distributed Ledger Technology , and knowing the source of their food will strengthen consumers confidence.

The Global Moringa market is currently valued at $6B and the AgriTech start up had earlier announced partnership with the moringa farmers  in Nigeria last month to ensure traceability of their moringa produce, in addition to its Farm/Supply Chain management solution.


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