Coinstituency Collaborates With Major Blockchain Organizations in Sub-saharan Africa

In line with our goals and philosophy at Coinstituency, we hereby announce a collaboration with the leading Blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations in sub-saharan Africa. This collaboration comes in the form of a media partnership between Coinstituency and the organizations listed below:

  • Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN)
  • Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG)
  • Crypto MasterClass
  • eBitcoinics

We have identified the above mentioned organizations as key stakeholders who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of the blockchain industry. Details about them will be found on their dedicated pages on our website, and you can keep tabs on their events by staying with us here at Coinstituency.

Some of the areas covered by these organizations include education, conferences, corporate and individual advisory, awareness, support for startup, enhancement of industry-regulators relationships, consultations and many more.

As an outfit that is focused on establishing a regional tech atmosphere that will compete with any other region of the world, Coinstituency is proud to associate with these industry giants. The focus will be on creating the right kind of awareness and ensuring that the innovative space within the African region is robust and healthy for the benefit of Africans and the rest of the world.


CDIN is an NGO and a platform for bringing together stakeholders in Nigeria to work on a common interest in addressing gaps in cryptography related developments, including crypto-currencies and crypto-ransomwares.


Blockchain Nigeria User Group is a not-for-profit, industry-funded association representing one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

BNUG is a strong advocate for Blockchain Technology in Nigeria and works with all levels of government such as SEC Nigeria, NITDA, NDIC CBN and other stakeholders to support business/employment growth and career opportunities in Blockchain Technology. This is done to promote and sustain community development initiatives, enhance consumer safety and industry competitiveness.

Crypto Masterclass

Crypto Masterclass is a cryptocurrency education platform that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency education. The organization is involved in training, especially in the area of cryptocurrency trading and awareness. The goal of Crypto Masterclass is to empower young Africans economically so that they can confidently compete with their counterparts in other parts of the world.


eBitcoinics provides on-hand learning of the fundamentals of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to citizens of its region. Apart from theoretical education that the platform provides, it also gives users the opportunity to use crypto in a number of ways. The goal of eBitcoinics is to simplify the blockchain revolution and to make sure that the technology reaches every household.


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