Bitfxt Coin (BXT) Gets Listed on FlashWallet

One of Africa’s pioneer cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfxt has announced the listing of its native cryptocurrency on FlashWallet. In line with the tradition of the exchange, this announcement was made public on its local blog. In the post, a representative of the team addressed the exchange users as follows:

Dear Community, 

As part of our Partnership Agreement with Flashcoin, Bitfxt Coin (BXT) has been listed on Flash wallet. 

You can now store your BXT on FlashWallet and also use them for transactions on the Flashcoin Ecosystem.

Flash is a reinvention of litecoin, build to scale the globe with fast and decentralized payment ecosystem. 

Flashcoin Is the utility token of the Flash Project and is already Listed on Bitfxt Exchange.

Head over to to Trade Flashcoin and to Add Flash to your Portfolio.

Warm Regards

Bitfxt Team

FLASH is described as a reinvention of Litecoin, it is characterised by fast transactions that are executed with negligible fees. The focus of FlashCoin is in guaranteeing effective use of cryptocurrency for everyday activities. These are the qualities that Bitfxt is leveraging on to increase the effectiveness and usability of the BXT coin.

This development is expected to improve the utility qualities of BXT and expand the options of its users.

Bitfxt is a fast growing exchange with innovative implementations that offer users unlimited opportunities to explore the cryptocurrency industry.

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