Kind Ads Provides Increased Revenue For Online Advertisers and Publishers

There is a new way to carry out advertising on the internet without constituting a nuisance to users. This new method employs blockchain technology in order to ensure that internet audiences only see ads that are relevant to their lifestyle through methods that will not interrupt their online activities. In addition, it provides an opportunity for advertisers and publishers to reap more rewards for their efforts than any other advertising system currently in existence.

At the same time, this method is designed such that advertisement revenue no longer remains the sole right of just a few organizations like Google and Facebook. Large organizations like those are known for harvesting users’ data and selling them to paying advertisers. By doing so, the real owners of the data are left in the cold. Even publishers are systematically deprived of the full benefits of their efforts through certain systematic protocols that are implemented by these large organizations.

Kind Ads has arrived with a revolutionary approach that is centred around the elimination of middlemen. This approach is aimed at ensuring a fair revenue sharing method that will enable both publishers and advertisers to reap the full benefits of their efforts. Imagine a system where you don’t have to pay heavily ahead of an advertising campaign whose performance is not guaranteed, that is what Kind Ads is all about for advertisers. 

If you are a publisher, and you have been worried about how slow your website or blog generates revenue, even when you are putting in a lot of effort, Kind Ads also has a solution to your problems. In a nutshell, the innovative Kind Ads platform is designed to provide a robust solution that will address the various problems of the current advertising industry.

The Kind Ads solution addresses the issues of advertisers, publishers, and the regular internet users in the following ways:


There is a pressing issue of transparency today in advertising. Advertisers on a general level have no way of verifying the performance of the ads that they pay for. Google, which is the biggest player in this sector retains so much power that advertisers have no choice but to accept whatever they are fed. 

Take for instance the existing KPIs used to measure ads performance like the click-through rates. There is hardly a way of knowing whether these clicks were generated by actual users or bots. Even when they are from actual users, how do you know that these ads are relevant to those that checked them out?

By using blockchain, the Kind Ads platforms connects advertisers directly with publishers that suit their needs. This happens transparently without the interference of middlemen. Hence, it is easy to verify and ensure that your ads are going to the right audience through appropriate channels. At the same time, it is easy to measure actual performance, which leads to improved cost effectiveness in the advertising business.


What do you know about competing with Google for data and ads revenue? Ok, here is how it works. You have a website or blog, and you place ad banners or links on it. When users click on those ads and input their data, Google first of all shares the generated revenue with you by taking the lion’s share. Secondly, every data going through your platform is harvested by Google, which it sells to advertisers to make money.

Kind Ads gives you a better option, where you can keep all the money that you make for yourself. As mentioned above, the intermediary is eliminated by implementing blockchain technology. Ads display is in a different form, either through direct emails or push notifications. Therefore, as a publisher you now have the opportunity to have direct connections with advertisers who will be willing to do so. It saves cost on the advertisers side, and gives you the publisher the opportunity to own your entire fees charged.

Internet User

This is the first time that the user experience of audiences is being seriously considered. The idea of Kind Ads is to make advertising more “kind”. This is aimed at changing the narrative, and making advertising more friendly and appealing, rather than the intrusive systems that we have today.

Kind Ads members will receive only advertisements for such interests that they sign for. The ads display will be through emails and push notifications. This will make advertising more polite and appealing. In the long run, this system will enhance the internet users’ experience, leading to more effective and productive advertising systems.

How to Sign-Up on the Kind Ads Platform

Singing up on Kind Ads is easy and straightforward. In order to join the ecosystem, here are the simple steps to follow:

Visit the Kind Ads website by following the link www.Kind

On the homepage, use any of the options available to “Sign-Up” as shown in the figure below.

On the “Sign-Up” page, fill the form that is made available by inputting your name, or the name of your platform, a valid email address and your preferred password. Also indicate your role in the industry, either as a publisher or an advertiser in the area provided. This is shown in the figure below.

After completing the form, check the box to agree on the terms of service and privacy policy, then click on the tab underneath to “Sign up”. Immediately, an email will be sent to your inbox. In order to complete the sign-up process, go to your inbox and confirm your email by clicking on the link provided. This will take you to a new window, congratulating you for validating your account.

At this point, you can sign-in and begin to explore the numerous opportunities that are available within the Kind Ads ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to interact directly and exchange value without the interference of middlemen. Clients will reach out and transact with you directly in a network that provides the most friendly advertising experience for internet users.

The picture below shows what your dashboard will look like after signing in on Kind Ads. You can also edit your profile to display personal logo and a brief description of your services. That way, clients and locate and deal with you easily and directly. Here is what the Kind Ads dashboard looks like:

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain has been praised as a useful technology in so many ways. One of such ways is that it eliminates the need to have intermediaries when multiple parties are involved. This is exactly the case with Kind Ads, where advertisers and publishers can directly connect with each other. This is a cost saving protocol that will also promote transparency and accountability of the entire process. 

The security of users’ data is another important benefit of the Kind Ads platform. It allows users to own and keep their data to themselves. No other organization or group will be able to indiscriminately use or sell users’ data. They will be secure, and only accessible to permitted entities.


Advertising is supposed to be a friendly process. Competition within the industry and the lack of transparency has led to the kind of scenarios that we have today. Kind Ads is out to change the narrative. Its goal is to enable advertisers to save cost, give publishers the opportunity to maximize their revenue opportunities, and provide internet users with a saner atmosphere for more peaceful user experience.


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