Invest in the democratized Wall Street SaaS; PrefLogic’s upcoming Equity Offering

Prime Trust-supported PrefLogic, which aims to tokenize its part of a $300T market of asset inventories for the underserved SMEs and individuals, announces capital raise through SEC Regulation S, beginning November 19, 2019. Investors who are neither residents of the U.S. nor currently located in the U.S. are welcome, unless there is a local restriction in place.

The ICO rush of 2017 proved how eager newer generations are to invest in early-stage companies, yet legal and financial hurdles have made it almost impossible for anyone outside Wall Street to invest.

PrefLogic’s upcoming Software-as-a-Service platform (to be released in Q1) empowers everyone to raise capital by significantly breaking down the barriers to allow a compliant, cost-efficient digital security offering. As the platform aiming to give every investor the same powers as Wall Street, PrefLogic has already raised $2M without relying on venture capital.

PrefLogic will offer units consisting of common stock and common stock purchase warrants. The common stock will be represented by ERC20-based smart contracts implemented with the PrefLogic SERC token protocol.

An investment in PrefLogic represents an infrastructure investment in the developing digital security ecosystem. “Most of our competitors were capitalized in a traditional fashion leaving little opportunity for the average investor to participate,” states Wier. “We’re excited to offer an invitation to all those who feel that digital securities will play a role in the future of our capital markets, with the hope that our offering will serve as a proof of concept for SME’s in search of capital.”  

Scott Purcell, Founder and CEO of Prime Trust added, “During the ongoing integration with PrefLogic, we’ve become intimately involved with their business model. We’re proud to act as the custodian of digital assets that their Securities Matrix issuers will offer and are actively preparing for the volume of business its commercial launch will bring to Prime Trust.” In connection with the PrefLogic capital raise, Prime Trust custody accounts will be provided free of charge to participants. 

 PrefLogic, Inc.

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