In a message broadcast to members of its community, Bitfxt Exchange has announced its listing on the popular cryptocurrency listing platform, CoinmarketCap (CMC). According to the Bitfxt team, this event marks the entry into a new phase of innovation and business building for the platform. 

Prior to the Bitfxt Exchange listing on CMC, the platform’s native coin, Bitfxt Coin had been listed on the same platform a couple of weeks ahead. For many projects, being listed on CMC represents a major achievement. Majority of crypto users adopt CMC as a vetting platform when trying to analyze any project.

The original message posted by the Bitfxt team to it community reads as follows:

Dear Community,

 Please celebrate with us as we enter into a new phase of innovation and business building. Barely weeks after our Bitfxt Coin was listed on CoinmarketCap, we wish to announce that Bitfxt Exchange is now Listed on Coinmarketcap.

This means you can now view all of our exchange statistics on CoinmarketCap, including all trades volumes and listings. With this you can join the league of thousands of individuals worldwide who utilize Bitfxt Exchange on a regular basis. You can trade most cryptocurrencies on Bitfxt Exchange with an Atomic Swap feature allowing quick swaps between crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat in less than no time.

This is our move towards bringing you the best services in an innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem with a global perspective. We at Bitfxt will continue to bring up global standard innovations as you continue to partner with us to make Bitfxt the World best exchange. 

Join us as we celebrate this giant stride in our journey to global adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, by utilizing the tools available to the layman to boost acceptability of blockchain. 

Visit to  trade your favourite cryptocurrencies. 

With Love, 

Bitfxt Team


Bitfxt Exchange is a platform that enables its users to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in real time. The platform also provides several analytic tools for its users to be able to study the markets in order to make proper trading decisions.

As an innovative platform, Bitfxt is also available for both desktop and mobile users.


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