Ubex Ad Platform Launch Hikes Token Prices Up By 80%

The blockchain-based Ubex advertising platform that uses AI and neural networks for precise ad targeting has launched its long-awaited ad platform, spurring turbulent growth for its native UBEX Token.

The launch of the revolutionary Ubex ad platform is a milestone event for both the project and the entire advertising industry. The possibilities of using AI and neural networks for precision targeting of users based on their browsing data have long been considered to be the Holy Grail of advertising that would render Adblocks obsolete by providing web surfers with ads that they are genuinely interested in.

The launch of the Ubex ad platform on June 17, 2019, is undoubtedly to become a pivotal moment in the history of advertising, as it is likely that the platform will become the first ever successfully working use case of blockchain operations in AdTech.

The UBEX Token is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Ethereum platform and serves as the main instrument for transactions within the Ubex ecosystem. Advertisers use the token for settlements with webmasters and vice versa. In addition to providing advertisers the possibility of directly interacting with webmasters for ad placement without third party interference and fees, Ubex also offers webmasters the opportunity to earn UBEX Tokens by providing data on users visiting their channels via a counter installed on their channel websites. The data is used to train the Ubex neural network and improve targeting for better ad placement accuracy. A large number of webmasters are already using the Ubex counters on their websites and are acting as data miners. Ubex made its first payout to data miners on the 31stof May, 2019.

News of the Ubex platform’s launch stimulated dynamic growth for the UBEX Token on many exchanges, raising its price by up to 80% over the last five days. UBEX has a current supply of 4,000,000,000 with 3,099,943,986 UBEX in circulation trading at $0.000982 as indicated by Coinmarketcap as at press time. CoinGecko as at the time of writing trades UBEX at $0.00097961, up by 0.7% in the last 24 hours, with other exchanges following at approximately the same prices.

Ubex is a decentralized advertising exchange working on the blockchain with the application of programmatic algorithms that is aimed at providing intermediary-free advertising placement on a variety of online channels with unprecedented targeting accuracy through the use of AI and neural networks.

The successful development of the Ubex platform and its upcoming expansion into the Chinese and Korean markets with the impending launch of additional system modules is taking place as per the project roadmap. The project development team is certain that future module launches and the full deployment of the system will soon attract a much larger user base and further stimulate the growth of UBEX prices.

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