SatoWallet Launches Its Web Exchange, SatoWalletEx

SatoWallet, a leading Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Wallet service provider with user presence in over 150 countries, recently announced the launch of its exchange, the SatoWalletEx. The Exchange as announced by the Company on twitter is born out of popular demand by its users for an interactive, yet simplified trading platform for their trade analysis.

SatoWallet has continued to grow its base in the cryptoverse and continues to make impact beyond cryptocurrency gains, to such other community development projects, which it has already set out to reach across Africa – starting with Nigeria.

During an interview with the CEO, Samuel Benedict, he hinted that the Exchange went live on 06 June, 2019 by 12pm UTC. In his briefing, he disclosed that the Exchange opened with a 24hrs ZERO TRADING FEE across over 200 Cryptocurrency trading pairs already listed on the Exchange.

He gave highlight points on what major features the exchange will showcase and the various possibilities achievable on the system and the layers of security that are open for users to deploy. Here are the notable features the Web Exchange will bring to the Crypto space to refine the ease of trading;

  • Trade
  • Coin Voting
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Faucet
  • Shop with Crypto
  • Announcements
  • Coin Status


The SatoWalletEx trade interface will balance a trade view setup for both beginners and advanced traders. With a provision for simplified trade analysis, traders could simply click on the CANDLES tab and have a simplified view while still being able to select a view analysis duration from as little as 5 mins to more than an entire week. For the expert traders, there will be a TRADING VIEW tab that combines all the technical trade analysis tools you will require, packed with over 20 indicators and other trade utility tools.

On the Trade tab, users will have the ease of also writing a REVIEW about any coin, giving them star ratings, all for the fun of sharing your thoughts, and there’s also an ABOUT tab to get bit sized information about your favorite cryptocurrency or anyone currently being traded.

With more trades going on, the DEPTH tab allows you to conveniently measure comparatively the Sell and Buy orders at various levels accurately. This will give better insight into trade occurrences and underlining dynamics.

Lastly, there is a CHAT tab just below, to the left of the Trade tab that allows users to create free form interaction, like a community to interact with. Feel free to join in, whether on a trade or not. Just login.

Coin Voting

In crypto space numerous crypto projects come into existence and leaving investors without a means to authenticate them. The original platform had the coin voting feature that only allowed coins to be listed for trade on SatoWallet.

In the new exchange, this feature has been improved upon, how? Well, users can now down-vote a project they feel insecure about and once a project reaches an all low down-vote, it gets delisted. This initiative is to ensure that Crypto projects constantly work to keep their projects afloat and not keep users at a loss on their trades.

Voting is open to everyone on the SatoWalletEx, however, users must own Satos to vote as they would be charged a token fee. To this end, user communities can support their project to stay afloat, likewise the project sponsors.

IEO Launchpad

SatoWalletEx Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will come packed with great dynamics and offer great project support to new projects looking to make offers of fund raising through ICOs direct on the exchange where there will be patronage. This will ensure that users can get the opportunity of buying into new projects, benefit from pumps and bull runs once the project goes live on the exchange.

Subscribing projects will get the benefit of having their projects being traded live once they are listed, saving them the trouble of bothering about offers as they would, had they done ICOs directly.


Users can conveniently earn from a range of offered cryptocurrencies by a simple interaction on the SatoWallet website using a simple click-to-claim button. SatoWalletEx Faucet will allow claims on cryptocurrencies once every 10 Mins, amazing! There is also a volume restriction on the total amount of coins a single user can claim, thus ensuring equitable earning, and distribution to all users.

The Faucet tab houses other tabs for ease of navigation where one can see Faucets that are
a. Running
b. Upcoming
c. Ended

Earning crypto free has never been easier as there are no backlog processes like a Captcha, forward sites or number inputs – simply click “Claim.”

Shop with Crypto

Users on the exchange can conveniently buy a collection of cryptocurrency items that are to their fancy. The SatoWallet store will enable users to buy items with their cryptocurrency – from Polos, Hoodies, Face Caps, Head Warmers, Wristbands, Chains, Bitcoin Bracelets, and Bitcoin Bangles etc. Within the store, giveaway items will be displayed during promos, from discounts to those whose prices are 100% off. Exciting!!!


The announcements tab will highlight ‘how-to’ guides and information on everything and anything SatoWallet. Follow news, stories, offers, promos, guides etc. on how to navigate and benefit the most of SatoWallet.

Coin Status

Akin to the character of operational transparency, this feature will give users first hand insights on coin status from those that are

a. Offline on maintenance.
b. Online for trading.
c. Deposit/Withdrawal enabled, during maintenance.
d. On ICO.
e. Listed Coin on the Exchange etc.

Users never have to worry about not being aware of SatoWallet’s activities around them.

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