4Blocks Capital Partners client Mycro Jobs successfully closes IEO hard cap

The Mycro Jobs project, a client and time-proven associate of the 4Blocks Capital Partners, has successfully closed its second round of IEO on June 11 and 12, 2019, selling out all 2.8 million allocated MYO tokens within a mere 13 minutes and 2 hours accordingly.

The success of the Mycro Jobs IEO on BitForex has underlined the importance of the project’s offering and the enthusiasm that the crypto and global workforce communities have in the newly formed gig-economy.

By building a peer-to-peer network and mobile application, Mycro connects people who need support with simple jobs and people who are looking for some extra money, all in real time.

“Success is created by professionals. Always try to get the very best people and they will drive you to the moon. 4Blocks Capital Partners made a great input to our success. We have been amazed by expertise of the guys and the quality of their work” said André Bruckmann, CEO of Mycro.

In a post, the 4Blocks team congratulated the Mycro project on its success and wished the project outstanding development prospects in the future.

“It was a great pleasure to work with real professionals. Mycro is an excellent product brining substantial value to the crypto and non-crypto community. We have supported the formation of the marketing strategy of the Mycro project and the IEO set up. We will assist the team at further steps of project development,” said Alex Korobkov, general partner of 4Blocks.

The Mycro MYO token is a tool for achieving a deeper engagement of a broader community of token holders, partners and contributors who are the main beneficiaries of the ecosystem‘s growth. The token is issued as an ERC-20 token compliant to the public Ethereum blockchain.

The token is classified as a utility token. Mycro tokens are deployed and transferred within the Mycro ecosystem and the Mycro mobile application. The tokens can also be circulated outside of the network and beyond the circle of people registered in it.

The Mycro project application helps people seeking performers of small tasks and those seeking to earn money on offering their skills and free time. Users can offer or apply for any short-term job, ranging from home chores, delivery, virtual and skilled services.

4Blocks Capital Partners is an advisory and impact investment boutique providing access to capital and comprehensive support of entrepreneurs and companies aimed at IEO, ICO and STO and post-token sale processes.

Its all-inclusive consulting approach is based on a deep dive into and involvement in client’s project, integration with internal team and comprehensive support in all functions: PR, IR, marketing, engagement with exchanges and market making, taking active part in execution of the most important tasks and delivering substantial budget economy.

4Blocks promises to continue to develop mutually beneficial relations with its partner projects and help them achieve success.

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