Satowallet Launch Incubation Hub For Blockchain Developers in Nigeria

In line with its previously outlined goals, fast-growing blockchain company Satowallet, has launched an incubation hub in the Federal Capital City of the biggest country in Africa, Nigeria.

At a time when smart innovation drives the world, there is a need for transparency across all sectors; Blockchain is here to help create a decentralized world record system that can be trusted by all because it cannot be manipulated.

The technology is today more popular in the finance sector with cryptocurrency taking the front row in using Blockchain to solve not just issues of borderless transactions but also in enhancing trust and personal control in the finance sector.

Achieving Already Set Goals

Africa is not being left behind in this revolution as Africa’s Largest Blockchain company, ‘Blockchain Tech Hub’ launches a new Blockchain Incubation hub in Abuja Nigeria. The hub was launched on February 14 2019 with the primary aim of Incubating Blockchain Developers in Africa.


The establishment’s CEO, Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya took to social media to officially announce the development, he said:


“I have been about my business, actualizing each and every of my company goals for 2019, one after the other. Today we launch the new Tech Incubation Hub”


Recall the Samuel had previously shared the company’s goal of 2019 to become the first Billion dollar (UNICORN) Blockchain company in Africa, with the aim of achieving 1 million users mark on Satowallet, $100 Million profit and 50 staff capacity in the process.

Free BTC For Satowallet Users

Prior to this time, users on the Satowallet platform have earned free bitcoins through a simple referral program. This has come across as an effective tool in building the project’s community and increasing its user-base which is one of the major goals mentioned above.

The newly launched incubation hub is a welcome development for the African Blockchain ecosystem. In December 2018, the company held its first Blockchain Internship program to train Blockchain developers that will help drive adoption and scalability in the industry.

  • An eye for an eye!
  • A giant for a giant!!
  • Back to back!!!

Maintaining a Global Standard

Blockchain tech hub like other standard Blockchain companies around the globe is making tremendous moves in driving value and adoption into the space.

African startups are on the rise, with the purpose of building better Blockchain solutions and millennials should welcome this trend which encourages the creation of improved records and transparent systems.

At this point, African governments are expected to start looking into how it can utilize the good prospects of Blockchain technology and therefore create favourable policies that will enable it to thrive.

Other Continents are already on the fast lane; Africa must not be left behind.

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