Ubex Partners With Evans, As Trading Begins On LBank Digital Asset Exchange

Few days after listing on LBank, Blockchain-based advertising platform, Ubex has announced partnership with Real Estate company, Evans.

The Ubex project appears to be deep into the product development stage, considering the partnerships and adoption that it has been experiencing in the last few weeks.

Barely 3 weeks since the end of its token sale, the project now has its tokens listed and actively traded on 18 different exchanges. The most recent of these listings is on LBank, an acclaimed world class digital asset exchange.

In an announcement on its website, LBank had noted that UBEX/BTC, UBEX/USDT trading pairs and UBEX withdrawals will be opened at 16:00, Oct 22 (GMT+8), while the deposit will be available at 16:00, Oct 20 (GMT+8).

Just a few days afterwards, information about a partnership with real estate giant, Evans was posted on the Ubex medium account.

According to the post, Evans will foresee the testing of the advertising platform, having positioned itself as an early adopter as soon as the platform is fully launched.

Evans has been around as a real estate company since 1991, and has since established itself as a professional services provider in the industry. With offices in Moscow, London, New York and St.Petersburg, Evans specializes in residential and commercial real estate, and also investment proposals.

This partnership registers another step by Ubex in collaborating with high profile users as it works towards establishing a robust base of early adopters.

In the wake of the recent announcements, the Ubex token price surged to over $0.008, representing the highest price surge since the close of token sale. However, the price has since retraced, trading at around $0.0018 as at the time of writing.

This recent price surge is seen by many within the project’s community as an assurance on the potential of Ubex token as they look forward to more adoptions and partnerships as promised by the project team.

According to the team, the mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency. The project is focused on simplifying the process of acquiring advertising slots while ensuring effective advert placement on the right websites.

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