Ubex Enters Product Development Partnership With Fast Growing Digital Ads Agency, LDM

In pursuant of its product development goals after realizing the maximum target of its token sale, Ubex has yet achieved another milestone by partnering with fast growing digital agency, Latam Digital Marketing (LDM).

According to a blogpost, the emerging programmatic advertising exchange explained that its partnership with LDM is aimed at enabling both parties to explore cooperation and opportunities in the digital advertising industry. The agreement also covers how LDM can utilize for its own business and to service its clients.

For Ubex, this is a step forward towards achieving its ultimate goal of revolutionizing the digital ads industry in the mainstream. As explained in the announcement, Within the framework of the agreement, LDM shall test the Ubex platform (Alfa and Beta versions) and give feedback on platform functionalities and advise on possible additional tools and elements for maximum achievement.

Product development is a complex process and probably the most important aspect of any new innovation finding its way into the mainstream. Beyond token listing on exchanges and regular awareness procedures, generic functionality remains one of the most important aspects in building a product.

The test procedures by LDM shall involve allowing Ubex to run ad campaigns on its behalf for clients and brands. This will kick off as soon as the Ubex platform becomes fully operative.

Also, for progress analysis and practical scrutiny, LDM shall provide Ubex with existing results of its previous campaigns. This shall be used for purposes of Big Data analysis and proper test of the robustness of the Ubex project.

The growth of LDM has been significant as the company is already established with branches across 6 offices across Mexico, Brazil, USA and Central America. Among its clients are Reebok, Samsung, New Balance, Mercedes-Benz and key regional retailers as Oxxo Mexico and many others.

Considering the structure of LDM and its pedigree as an established digital ads platform, Ubex believes that this partnership will increase its value offering and improve its own level of functionality at a very fast rate.

Yet in its developmental stage, according to its whitepaper and project description, Ubex represents a global, decentralized advertising exchange that will give companies the ability to advertise their products and services effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, by using Ubex’ services, publishers will be able to tokenize different kinds of advertisement slots on various resources.

Also, as contained in the project description, the use of blockchain technology allows Ubex to have full transparency and guarantees of payments for all participants. It will also provide advertisers with a complete control over advertising campaigns through productive data analysis and comprehensive reporting.

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