UBEX Advisor Mickey Choi Wins The Prestigious 2018 Global 100 Award

Serial educator and the CEO of Mickey Global Business, Mickey Choi has been honoured with the merit of recognition in the New Technology Innovation Target.

The award was given at the 2018 Global 100 event at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. Choi was recognized for his innovative efforts in various areas towards emerging technological fields, especially in Korea.

A Special Kind Of Award

This category of award is reserved for top lawmakers, military generals and individuals with exceptional records in their fields. The awards puts Choi among the top 100 best practitioners in his industry in South Korea.

Choi has been involved in various financial and business roles in Korea since 2007. He has also served as a representative of the stock market community in Korea within the same period.

Other areas where Choi’s efforts have been felt significantly includes providing native language teachers and education offices in USA, Canada, UK, Australia. He is also involved with MOU and partnership concert with universities and international schools. Offering online education business for police officers is also an area where Choi’s efforts are felt significantly.

The Global 100 events started in 2005, and is run by Corporate Knights Magazine. It is run based on an index that provides a methodology for quantitative analysis of the world’s largest companies.

Exceptional Criteria

Companies that are considered by Global 100 are those with minimum capitalization of $2 billion and above. Factors scrutinized among these companies are overall sustainability disclosure rate and sustainability disclosure rate versus GICS sector peers. Other factors include a financially based Piotroski F-score to ensure financial stability, and fines. Penalties or settlements paid out by the company for sustainability related violations also play a part.

However, companies in the GICS sub-industry categories of tobacco and those engaged primarily in defense are not included in this exercise.

In a publication, Ubex recognized Choi’s achievement,  expressing delight in having such an individual as part of its team.

“The Ubex project is delighted to have members, such as Mickey Choi on its Advisory Board and is certain that their merits only add to the already impressive list of achievements the project has accumulated.”

Ubex is a global, decentralized advertising exchange based on the fusion of Neural Networks, AI and blockchain operated by smart contracts.

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