Over 50 Trading Pairs Are About To Be Delisted By Leading Crypto Exchange, OKEx

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx will on Wednesday, Oct. 31 2018 delist over 50 non-performing cryptocurrency pairs from its platform.

The impending exercise was announced on the exchange’s website in a message which reads thus:

“To create a robust trading environment and offer the best trading experience to our users, we will delist several TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume according to the OKEx Token Delisting/Hiding Guideline.”

The affected pairs were listed on OKEx website, and users have been advised to cancel their existing orders ahead of the delisting exercise. The event is scheduled for 06:00 Oct 31, 2018 (Central European TIme).

The announcement emphasized that only the trading pairs with weak liquidity and low trading volumes will be delisted, and not the tokens themselves.

In a tweet, Andy Cheung, Head of Operations at OKEx described the exercise as “Housekeeping”. Cheung cites leadership responsibility as a key reason for the delisting exercise.

As leaders, we are responsible for promoting a robust ecosystem. Listing projects loosely or having 795 trading pairs is simply putting trader interests at risks. Housekeeping is necessary. We need to take action on those underperforming tokens now.

This move is expected to reverberate across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Product owners and developers will indeed begin to see the urgent need for sustained project improvement. Awareness and adoption level will also have to be reignited, especially for tokens with low activity levels.

The announcement by OKEx concluded by warning its platform users on the risks involved in digital assets trading. Users were advised to always consider their investment abilities and risk tolerance before entering the market.

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