Do you have enough time to trade? You may know enough about trading bitcoin and altcoins to see the profit potential. However, the most valuable commodity isn’t a hot altcoin; it’s time. Even though clicking a buy or sell button takes seconds, the research and analysis can take hours. Even if you use a resource like Bitcoin Market Journal to get a deep knowledge of the crypto-verse, knowing when to pull the trigger on a trade can be tough.

Enter trading signal services. The process is simple. You get the signal, and you make the trade. The prep work and research have already been done for you. What goes into the research behind crypto trading signals? Can the signals be trusted? A basic understanding of how they work will help you decide if they are right for you.

What Are Crypto Trading Signal Services?

Crypto trading signal services use fundamental and technical analysis to make decisions as to when to buy or sell a digital asset.

Movements in the trading markets are never random. Significant price action is driven by two factors: fundamental developments and technical indicators.

Fundamental data includes world events that make people buy or sell a digital asset. For example, when a big name institutional investor takes an interest in bitcoin, the markets tend to interpret this as a good thing, and the price of BTC goes up. Continue reading…

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