Kurepay, the largest Hybrid Payment Gateway for cryptocurrencies and fiats in Africa, has partnered with Lifestyle Asset Hub, a real estate and personal development company, thus set to help Nigeria fill the massive real estate gap in the country.

This is great news for Kurepay users and other members of the public who can now purchase real estate with their cryptocurrency through Kurepay, Africa’s hybrid payment gateway.

Apart from helping millions of Nigerians have more payment options, partnering with Lifestyle Asset Hub will boost the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Africa.

This partnership should be no surprise. Kurepay is one payment gateway platform that is always looking out for its users, helping them live their lifestyles knowing that when it comes to value, Kurepay will be there to bring it home. LifeStyle Asset Hub, premier knowledge and real estate network marketing and online property trading company brings to the doorsteps of Nigerians robust model and compensation plan that will bridge the huge gap in Nigeria’s real estate industry.

KurePay partnership with LifeStyle Asset Hub will therefore give KurePay users access to the amazing products and services offered by LifeStyle Asset Hub and the ability to purchase real estate using Bitcoin, Dash, and Kurecoin through the KurePay gateway platform, Kurepay.com.

Kurecoin is dedicated to the adoption of cryptocurrencies through its flexible and accessible services, including the crypto bank at Kurecoinhub.com where users can buy, sell, and even get fiat loans with their digital assets or cryptocurrencies and also via its hybrid payment gateway, KurePay. (If you don’t already have a Kurepay account, click link to get a free account and live your lifestyle with confidence.)

Download KurePay on Playstore.

Website: https://kurePay.com

Website of Kurecoin Hub: https://Kurecoinhub.com

Website of LifeStyle Asset Hub : https://www.lifestyleassethub.com

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