Next generation banking platform, Cashaa has made known plans to fully launch its platform by November 28, 2018.

In a post on the company’s official Medium blog, the CEO of Cashaa, Kumar Gaurav told the community that business products for small startups have been finalized. He also elaborated on the limitless extent to which Cashaa can support different levels of businesses through its banking services.

“I am happy to announce formally that we have finalized our business products for small startups starting in a garage or big exchanges or business with a Billion dollars in revenue every month. Yes, you got it right, Cashaa will be able to bank them all”, says Gaurav.

Blockchain in banking is a discussion that has lingered for a while. Enthusiasts see blockchain as a revolutionary innovation that can enhance transaction processes across the globe. However, the actions of traditional regulators and financial institutions come off to most enthusiasts as a reluctant approach towards adopting blockchain technology.

Although there have been statements and some kind of involvement by banks and other financial institutions that claim support for blockchain development, experts and enthusiasts like Gaurav insist that they are just not doing enough.

“The Crypto community has continuously been denied support from banks who just like to talk and sponsor blockchain events, he says. “In reality, they do not want the blockchain revolution to happen. It makes sense, as this revolution might threaten their existence.”

The Cashaa team, having returned from holidays will be proactively releasing its initial set of products. These products will cut across services suitable for both individuals and businesses as illustrated.


Other details about the products and procedure are explained on the company’s blog and its official website.

This development further establishes the decentralized cryptocurrency implementation in the mainstream. The role of blockchain in the banking industry and finetech in general has received a lot of recognition. Cashaa as an entity has been recognized by KPMG as one of the top 50 rising stars, and also in the class of Fintech100.

The year 2017 witnessed an explosion of the crowdfunding sector through ICOs, with cryptocurrency playing a significant role. However, the post ICO boom era is ushering in the development and release of products by projects that were active in the ICO era.

Cashaa has taken the front seat as one of the early establishments to conclude initial stages of product development. Members of its community and crypto at large can begin to experience real life application of the erstwhile theoretical ideas surrounding the emerging technology.

Even though there are other blockchain products that exist in the fintech ecosystem, Gaurav notes that Cashaa is not in any way in competition with other platforms.

“We are not a competitor of Ripple, PundiX, OmiseGo or any other tokens people have compared to us, we are here to help the entire crypto community”, he says.

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