American football superstar Tom Brady is kickstarting a Non-Fungible Token platform named Autograph. Autograph aims to take the Non-Fungible Token majority by launching a platform for making, promoting, marketing, and exchanging immutable tokens.

The seven-time NFL ‘GOAT’ (greatest of all time) is uniting some of the major players in sports, pop culture, fashion, and entertainment to develop immutable digital assets, Brady representative tells Cable News Network (CNN).

Several Non-Fungible Token platforms give room for the creation and marketing of NFTs, with the Winklevoss brothers Nifty platform inclusive. As crypto arts continue to gain its round in the space with Beeple piece recently sold for close to 70 million USD.

Different cryptocurrency industry firms have been looking to create their Non-Fungible Token platforms to meet the relatively high demand.

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With NFT, journalists, gamers, and musicians have been able to auction their contents, which shows the market is open to all and not any restriction to artists alone. Therefore, the American football legend is not the first sport-person seeking a Non-Fungible Token experience, there are US leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Major League Baseball (MLB), which have already shown the interest to launch immutable tokens to strengthen their fan base.

And if your speculation is on how much a crypto art of Tom Brady might raise, there was a sale of his rookie card for over 2 million USD. It is currently the most expensive trading card in NFL history, breaking the previous month’s record purchase of over a million USD by Fitbit CEO.

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Autograph’s advisors consist of Spotify’s highly recognized executives, entertainment company Live Nation, DraftKings sports betting company, Cameo, an American video-sharing website, and others. The autograph company location is in Southern California city, Los Angeles. It will have cooperative offerings like live auctions.

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