With the current trend and developments occurring in our world today especially digitally, it is evident that every sector is taking a new and a  more colorful look set to fully blossom this 2021. This has no doubt not left the social media industry untouched as we see certain probes that are being made into it and of course yes, the invention and innovation of Digital Asset Creation is likely aiming towards being the future of social media.

Digital Asset Creation & Social Media

A digital asset is a piece of content – textual, graphical, or otherwise – with the potential to be distributed across various types of media such as social platforms, blogs and other websites.

A lot of things are embedded in these and to a large extent, makes for a more convenient and accessible social communication platform. Hence, through the improvement of all sectors, this is also improving and with time, will be fully endorsed in our usual social media programs.

2021; An Eye Opener

Jim Blasko, CEO of Aspire Technology and lead developer of the Aspire blockchain platform to Constituency notes that this year indeed will bring to the notice of everyday consumers how easy and inexpensive it is to create a digital asset on a non-technical, highly secure, digital asset creation platform like Aspire for example. 

He says;

This will lead everyone who has a brand (whether by social media presence, personal blog or small business) to realize they want to have one. “Follow me on Twitter” will soon be replaced by ‘let me send you some tokens’ as loyalty programs, digital collectibles, fan clubs and hundreds of other use cases evolve utilizing the low cost, trackability, international transaction capabilities and permanence of digital assets. 

The Prediction Of NFTs 

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique and is not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.

According to Blasko, non-fungible tokens originally grew in use for artwork. However now, digital sports cards and other collectible cards are popping up. (As we see major brands like Topps get involved which is a positive sign for it’s adoption.)

If we keep pushing this trend further, we could go back to the digital world and have NFTs store our digital identity. Our social network profiles could be open-source and easily exportable from one network to the others. Besides, it would give full control and ownership over our own data and prevent malicious third parties from stealing them.

In 2021, Blasko declares that he expects more collectors to become attracted to the authentication benefits and removal of problems associated with counterfeits hence having more digital collectibles powered by NFTs.

Media Censorship; A Yeah or Nay?

In the realm of social media, self-expression is extremely important and we all know the importance of expressing our thoughts, concern or worries freely on available platforms though this can be constrained through media censorship. Censorship of course is wonderful,but then when there is an impingement on people’s freedom of expression, such act of censoring becomes questionable.

In a bid to make an escape route for people to vent out their thoughts and opinions, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter amongst others arose. But then, in recent years, we have been witnesses to extreme censorships of these programs and more so the users, which was not the case in the beginning.

Blockchain Can Help

With the advent of blockchain, Blasko states that we now have a permanent and uncensored way to express ourselves. For example; he emphasizes, “asset solution platform Aspire allows anyone to “broadcast” permanent messages across the internet and these messages are stored on the blockchain for all to see and no one to alter. This feature is just like any Bitcoin or Aspire transaction, it is a permanent record of data that cannot be changed”.

Blasko further concludes that a time is coming where a social media program of the people utilize blockchain technology to permanently store all activity on their platform. 

“The time has come where blockchain technology will finally free us from the censorship of massively powerful programs like Facebook and Twitter”.


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